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Grow Your Career like a Boss

29 May 2024, 12:30 PM

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Do you know what your career path is?

Are you taking up higher studies? A vocational course? Or will you dive into the job market and learn on the job?

Ramya has coached many students to build successful careers. In this session, learn

  • why it is important to start thinking about it early in your career
  • gain insights into what it takes to build a successful career path.

Connect with Ramya via

  • https://www.coachingbyramya.com/
  • coachingbyramya@gmail.com 
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachingbyramya/

What you will learn

Learning Outcomes

Build your career path - What is a career path? What are the multiple ways one can work on their career path to reach their goals? Important aspects in building your career path.

More about the hosts

Ramya Rao is an experienced global program manager with 17+ years of experience. In 2022, she became a life coach and is a Certified Women Empowerment and Personal Monetary coach. As a speaker, she has given talks on career, money, and women empowerment. Connect with her at www.coachingbyramya.com.

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Ramya Rao

Founder at CoachingByRamya


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